1. The Cass MBA – the next chapter

    It’s a big world out there and the key to success is being open to opportunity and willing to think more than one step ahead. The Cass MBA is designed to enable our students to thrive in today’s fiercely competitive business arena.

    In an economic climate that is as challenging as it is unpredictable, our focus remains firmly on employability and professional development, with strong emphasis across the MBA programme on supporting students’ careers by making them adaptable, resilient and forward thinking. Above all else, it is crucial that they are able to navigate future opportunities and make informed choices.

    We currently have a fantastic cohort made up of more than 30 nationalities, and this diverse mix of perspectives adds a crucial dimension to the MBA experience. As well as turning in great academic results, our students are building professional networks and setting themselves up to succeed on the global business stage.

    We also added a new course to our curriculum this year for those who want to become a Licensed Counselor, especially in regards to addiction and behavioral disorders. For more information on this course, call to speak with a student advisor today. For more information on addiction and drug rehabilitation, visit this link: Substance Abuse Counselor

    Our worldwide reputation for blending academic rigour with hands-on experience ensures that our students remain active in the business arena as they acquire new knowledge and skills. The 2012-13 academic year has seen their commitment rewarded with strong performances and career-defining experiences.

    We took our second trip to Las Vegas for the …

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  2. A year to remember

    Before coming to Cass, I was a relationship manager at a financial institution in Nigeria. After four years I felt I had reached a lull in my career and needed to broaden my scope internationally. The opportunities to achieve this within my organisation were extremely slim, so I decided to do the MBA to launch myself on a global career path.

    The course surpassed my expectations. The quality of the staff, the practical applications during the Integration Weeks, the international electives and – most importantly – the diversity and quality of the cohort were beyond anything I could have anticipated.

    The Full-Time Cass MBA is a very intensive experience. There are down periods in which to take stock and recuperate, but I think the intensity is a good thing – it keeps you on your toes and prepares you for the real world.

    I really enjoyed the course. I’d hate to single out professors because they were all great, but I learned a great deal in the Organizational Behaviour, Strategy, Marketing and Operations Management modules. Mergers & Acquisitions and Managing Strategic Change are two electives I would highly recommend.

    Probably the most memorable project for me was working on the HMV case during the first Integration Week. …

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  3. The view from Dubai

    Before joining Cass I worked with both multinationals and start-ups. I have an engineering background but since graduating I have been in the business side of companies. Like my father, I dreamed of gaining a high-calibre masters degree from a top institution. Unfortunately, circumstances prevented him from achieving his ambition, so it was vital that I seize my opportunity with both hands.

    When I joined the course, I had just begun my career with Oracle and it was critical that the course integrate seamlessly with my career. I could not compromise on the focus of my job, yet I did not want to miss out on the unique experiences that an Executive MBA has to offer. Thankfully, the Cass course combines an excellent in-class experience with the flexibility to fulfil the coursework requirements as per your personal schedule. Over the last year, this blend has allowed me to cement my position at work as a crucial member of my team while also enabling me to enjoy my time at Cass.

    It goes without saying that it has been a challenge to balance study with life’s other demands. I think the best analogy here would be a tightrope walk: it is difficult but, …

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  4. The power of collaboration

    As a marketing manager for a leading international business news organisation, I felt that – with a BA in French and German literature – I still lacked knowledge in certain areas that interested me. It’s in my nature to continually challenge myself and work hard to achieve my goals, and the Cass Executive MBA promised to test my mettle.

    The knowledge I gained on the course certainly filled the gap: formal learning about finance, accounting, strategy, organisational behaviour, the list goes on. Each time I finished a module, I felt that I was becoming more rounded and professionally versatile. It changed the way I viewed the company I worked in – I was able to see all the moving parts of the business and how they affect and complement each other in order to achieve a common objective.

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    But the course also provided me with skills and experiences that I wasn’t expecting to acquire at the outset. On my first evening at Cass I couldn’t help but feel slightly intimidated by my ‘suited and booted’ classmates. That soon changed. I’ll never forget the simulated sinking submarine group exercise and the obstacle course we participated in together at an army base in Portsmouth …

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  5. In the thick of it

    I have worked in public relations my whole career and feel privileged to be doing a job that I love. After running a consultancy, then handling Cable & Wireless Communications’ PR for the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Bermuda, I moved into a corporate communications job in the company’s head office in 2010.

    One of the motivations for doing an MBA is that corporate communications requires a greater degree of financial literacy and an understanding of corporate strategy. My ambition is to work for a FTSE 100 company or in a large multinational agency and I want the confidence that comes with knowing how businesses really work, which will help me to properly understand their communications issues and how to resolve them.

    I chose Cass because the Executive MBA sits well with my professional life; evening lectures are less likely to be interrupted by late-night calls about breaking issues from national newspapers, although that has happened a couple of times!

    I have no regrets about choosing Cass and, above all, feel blessed to be studying with such a talented cohort. I have met CEOs, tech entrepreneurs, marketing thought leaders, sustainability experts and many, many more people of whom I am genuinely in awe. …

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